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Need a lead to go from your TV to DVD, or maybe from your PC to your HD monitor. At Moortek we stock a large range of high quality audio, visual, and PC leads. Furthermore we can also supply many different connectors and adaptors for audio and visual leads including headphone spliters and in-line RCA connectors.

From AAA to D size, 9V and rechargable, and even watch batteries we have lots in store to choose from. Whether it is for your camera or your smoke alarm we should have the battery for you

At Moortek we stock a large number of bulbs, from standard 40W bulbs, to 6ft fluorescent tubes, and even tungsten halogen bulbs. You name it we will probably have it, if not we can order most bulbs for next day delivery.

We also stock a large range of energy saving bulbs in lots of different shapes and sizes to fit almost any appliance.

We sell:
Desktop PCs and Laptop Computers
Computer software and components
Printers, Monitors and Scanners
TVs, DVDs and Audio Equipment
Memory and Storage Devices
Office Consumables
Digital Cameras and Photo supplies
Telephones & Broadband equipment
We offer:
Website Hosting
IT Support Services
Laptop and PC Repairs & Servicing
Server and Network Solutions
Broadband Provision
Satellite Broadband
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