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With such a wide range and variety of digital cameras it can often be hard to decide what exactly it is that you want.

Whether it be a professional SLR camera with multiple lenses or a simple point and shoot camera at Moortek our helpfull staff will be able to cater for your every need.

Sourcing products from a large range of suppliers means we can provide almost any make or model of camera in order to satisfy your needs.

We sell:
Desktop PCs and Laptop Computers
Computer software and components
Printers, Monitors and Scanners
TVs, DVDs and Audio Equipment
Memory and Storage Devices
Office Consumables
Digital Cameras and Photo supplies
Telephones & Broadband equipment
We offer:
Website Hosting
IT Support Services
Laptop and PC Repairs & Servicing
Server and Network Solutions
Broadband Provision
Satellite Broadband
Help and advice
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