Moortek - for all your PC & Laptop Repairs, Web Hosting, Computer Sales, Printer Inks & Computer Accessories in the South Hams and Devon
At Moortek not only do we supply quality laptops but also desktops of varying size and shape to suit all uses. The stereotypical desktop is now not the only option. There is a wide range of different designs, from desktops that are small enough to attach to the back of your monitor, to large gaming inspired towers, and everything inbetween. 

There are  package deals available where a quality flat screen monitor can be included to match the system.  Most systems include mouse and keyboard.

Again our range is not just restriced to the consumer market as we can also supply business machines, in large quantites if needed, and machines suitable for educational settings. 

Along with the PC's we can also supply a large variety of monitors to compliment your desktop or even laptop PC. With Acer's patented CrystalBrite technology the glossy screen makes images and video alike stand out, looking truly stunning.

Ranging in size from 19" to 24", in a square or widescreen format, in glossy black, white, or matte silver, there will be a monitor in the range to suit your needs.
We sell:
Mobile 4G Broadband
Desktop PCs and Laptop Computers
Computer software and components
Printers, Monitors and Scanners
Memory and Storage Devices
Office Consumables
Digital Cameras and Photo supplies
Telephones & Broadband equipment
We offer:
Website Hosting
IT Support Services
Laptop and PC Repairs & Servicing
Server and Network Solutions
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Satellite Broadband
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